Debut, full-band album now available: The Legend Of The Great T.D. Bingo.

Request us on KEXP , KUGS & KOAS !

On hiatus: We’re taking a little break from performing right now, but in the meantime, check out this other project of ours that’s taking off like a hungry jackalope! – Bootleg Sunshine

We’re performing live on KEXP! kexp a cedar suede
Monday March 2nd at 7pm, tune in at 90.3fm, Seattle, or watch the video here. We’ll be on DJ Chilly’s El Sonido, Latin-music program, playing some tunes from our upcoming debut album “The Legend of the Great T.D. Bingo,” as well as other surprises too! We are SO honored to be featured artists at such a renowned institution. Streaming audio will be available at their website for two weeks after, and video will be available FOREVER! Cheers, and thanks for tuning in!

Album Pre-Order: Check out this monkey riding a capybara! Capybaras are the largest rodent in the world, they live in the Amazon, and other animals love to ride on their backs. More than half of ALL plant and animal species on Earth live in tropical rainforests, even though rainforests make up only 7% of land cover… So, we really like making great music and sharing it, but we’d rather it actually affect positive, tangible changes in the world. Last year at this time -with only 75 of our closest friends- we raised a few thousand dollars to help those affected by typhoon Haiyan (Philippines) and to help fund recording our debut album. Now that we have proudly finished our album, we want it to continue to do good things. This year we want to double our output! We want to donate at least $3,000 to the Rainforest Action Network . Here’s how: 25% of our album pre-sale will be donated on the album release date of March 9, 2015. Will you pre-order one for yourself? One for a friend? (It is available as a or as a CD or vinyl )

**Our efforts will be matched now through Monday 12/8/14! Please inquire if interested in becoming a matching donor.

Why did we pick the Rainforest Action Network? Simply, they’re an aggressive and successful grass-roots organization that ambitiously targets huge multinational corporations: a real David and Goliath movement. They also affect change closer to home with on-the-ground efforts halt the tar sands pipeline construction. Why do we care about tropical rainforests? Because they’re our most bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet, are extremely important and equally fragile. Unlike populations of animals, such a complex system does not grow back once it’s removed. When you hear our album, you will hear lots of musical inspiration from tropical birds, mammals, and trees. Let’s make music meaningful, please help us make the change we want to see for our World. Thank you!

A very special thanks to our sponsors and matching donors: The Urrego Family, Randy Holeman, The Hi-Spot Cafe, and more to come!

A Cedar Suede Greg Westhoff Video Shoot

We’re making a short film with Greg Westhoff for our song La Selva, and it’s going to be hilarious! …think of a modern day Don Quixote galavanting through Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Classic silent-film-style, but with jungle animals of course! We’ve had a couple days of filming and our good friend Shaun caught some of the action. ! We hope to finish shooting within a month or so and edit for release in January 2015. Watch out film festivals, we’re coming for ya!

Done tracking our new full-band album! 3_control_room
And it’s sounding great… We can’t wait to share it with you, but it will still be a few months of mixing, mastering, packaging, and reviewing before our Release Party this winter. Want to know when and where the Release Party will be? Sign up for our email list! It’s be so much fun tracking and mixing at the legendary London Bridge Studios, we couldn’t be more proud of our little band growing up and ready to foray into the wild world =) A big thanks to all our donors and participants in the fundraising party we had last winter. This wouldn’t have been possible without you all, cheers!

A Cedar Suede’s “Not-So-Silent Auction” raises $1500 for Philippines Red Cross
We want our music to be more than just music, so we brought our best friends and family together for night of delicious food, drinks, music, art, and put together an auction to help out those who really need it. That’s real music to our ears! Thanks to all our donors and participants, making the world a little sweeter doing what we can.

Our Accordionist, Jamie Maschler featured in The Atlantic “Accordions: So Hot Right Now”

Jamie Maschler, knows the versatility of the accordion better then most. She has played the instrument since she was four and spent years perfecting and competing with pieces by such challenging classical composers as Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff.  She has since discovered her love of the collaborative, rock and pop musical scene. talents like her seem to be increasingly valuable. ”

Steve O’Brien graces the cover of Earshot Jazz Magazine

A Cedar Suede’s special guest trumpeter Steve O’Brien is featured in Seattle’s esteemed jazz publication: “O’Brien works through standards with incredible taste… showing ever-increasing facility and listener’s vocabulary.”

Read the full article here…

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